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Become a JobFest Mātanga (Pro)...

Stand out to employers with your jobfest Mātanga (Pro) badge

Getting work ready for JobFest and landing a job on the day is what it's all about! The JobFest Mātanga (Pro) programme will get you prepared and show employers that you're ready for work. 

By completing the 3 short courses you will receive a badge to wear at JobFest. Employers will be looking for job seekers who are JobFest Mātanga's (Pro's) so sign in and stand out!

So What is JobFest Mātanga (Pro)?

It is 3 courses on YouthFull that should be completed before you attend JobFest. Employers have told us that these are the top three skills they look for in school leavers and new employees in entry level roles. 







You can access resilience, communication and teamwork by clicking the pictures above or heading over to, completing registration, and then heading to the courses tab. You can do it on any device including your phone!

Questions and Answers

How will the JobFest Mātanga (Pro) programme help me get work ready?

The courses in the programme have been selected based on what employers are looking for in entry level employees. 

The resilience course will help you learn how to manage stress, stay motivated and develop an action plan. 

The communication course will teach you the basics of how to be a good sender and receiver of information and what that means along with the various forms of communication that exist in the workplace. 

The teamwork course will outline what makes a good team and what sorts of roadblocks exist and how to avoid them. 

What do I get for doing the JobFest Mātanga (Pro) programme?

You will receive a badge on the day indicating that you have completed the three courses and worked to make yourself work ready. All of the employers at the event know what the badge means and so they're looking out for you.

Who can take part in the JobFest Mātanga (Pro) programme?

Any young person between 16 and 24 years old who is looking to get work ready for JobFest!

What support is there for somebody doing the programme?

We have support on YouthFull where you can reach out and ask for assistance. You can reach this support by emailing

How long will it take to become a JobFest Mātanga (Pro).

It will take between 3 and 4 hours to complete the courses and become a JobFest Mātanga (Pro). 

How will I get my badge? 

We will give this to you on the day, just mention it when registering or look out for signs at registration for where you collect the badge. 

Can I do any other courses on YouthFull?

Yes! YouthFull has 38 different courses that you can take. Check out some of the industries and jobs available at JobFest and take some courses to prepare for that industry. 

How much does it cost?

It is free!